Laminated non woven fabric


Laminated non woven fabric

Laminated non woven fabric have a glossy look and are generally used in gifting and advertising.

PE film has the following characteristics:

Air permeability: it has superior and uniform air permeability, effectively isolate water, and expel heat and moisture

Softness: excellent hand feel, making the product more soft and comfortable.

Mechanical properties: excellent tensile and elongation resistance.

Chemical property: not easy to corrode, simple printing, high temperature resistance.

PE film nonwoven fabric:

The surface is more smooth, colored, waterproof and heat resistant.Compared with PE non - woven fabric, PE - coated non - woven fabric more durable.

Therefore, it is widely used in all aspects of life: bags, shoes, clothes, jewelry, wine, shopping bags, home textile, and the packaging of high-end gifts, good environmental protection materials, diverse colors, bright and fashionable!

Laminated non woven fabric use in the following areas:

Pp lamination

Surgical lamination

Fertilizers and agricultural industries

Daily use products

Industrial protective covers

Suit and garment covers

Aluminum foil

Furniture liners

Hotel consume articles

Lamination for insulators

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