100% biodegradable bag
PLA 100% biodegradable heat seal empty filter paper tea bags corn fiber pla tea bag
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What is polylactic acid (PLA)?

PLA is not plastic. It is derived from nature. Starch is extracted from plants such as corn and cassava and fermented by microorganisms to produce lactic acid. Lactic acid undergoes an advanced polymerization process to produce a 100% green and safe new polymer material called polylactic acid (PLA). Products made from this material are healthy and safe, non-toxic and odorless, and have no harm to the human body. In addition, if the product is discarded under composting conditions, it can be completely decomposed by microorganisms, eventually generating carbon dioxide and water, and returning to nature. The environment does not cause any pollution, so PLA is recognized as a “green material” for low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable development in the 21st century.

100% biodegradable pla tea bag

Nonwoven Bag Pattern 

Ultrasonic/heat sealing Nonwoven bag 

Stitching/sewing non woven bags

Laminated non-woven tote bag

T-shirt/Vest pp cloth bag /grocery bag

Pla non-woven bag/PLA nonwoven bag


Weight Capacity

HEAT SEALING : Weight can bear about 5kg , looks simple, cheap price but not strong.

STITCH/SWEING: Weight can bear about 8-10kg,looks beautiful,expensive price but strong

LAMINATING : Weight can bear about 10-15kg,looks beautiful,expensive price but strong

Factory Show

Regular gram : 80-120gsm


Production : within 1 weeks/50,000-100,000pcs

Color: factory’ stock colors, pantone color, RGB, CNYK

Machine: more than 200 sets of sew machine, out put 1x40HQ/month (about 160,000-200,000pcs/month)



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