What is Chinese Lantern Festival ?


What is  Chinese Lantern Festival ?

Chinese Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, the formation of the Lantern Festival custom has a long process, according to general information and folk legends, the fifteenth day of the first month in the western han dynasty has been paid attention to, han emperor wu xin night on the first month in ganquan palace to sacrifice "taiyi" activities, is regarded as the fifteenth day of the first month sacrifice to god.The introduction of eastern han buddhist culture, the formation of the Lantern Festival custom has an important significance.

Yuanxiao, originally meaning "the night of the Lantern Festival", because the fifteenth day of the first month "the Lantern Festival" is the main activity in the evening to eat dumplings to enjoy the full moon, later the name of the festival evolved into the "Lantern Festival".Lantern Festival night, the streets and alleyways decorated, people enjoy the lights, guess lantern riddles, eat Lantern Festival, from the beginning of the New Year's eve to continue the celebration activities to another climax, has become a generation along the customs.Yuanxiao in the early festival formation process, only known as the fifteenth day of the first month, the first half of the month or the moon, said after sui yuan xi or yuan night.Influenced by Taoism in the early tang dynasty, it was also called shangyuan. At the end of tang dynasty, it was called yuanxiao occasionally.But since the song dynasty also known as the Lantern Festival.To the qing dynasty, known as the festival of lights.In foreign countries, yuanxiao is also known as The Lantern Festival.

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