• Laminated non woven fabric
    Laminated non woven fabric


    Laminated non woven fabric Laminated non woven fabric have a glossy look and are generally used in gifting and advertising. PE film has the following characteristics: Air permeability: it has superior and uniform air permeability, effectively isolate...

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  • Flame Retardant Nonwoven Fabric
    Flame Retardant Nonwoven Fabric


    Flame Retardant Nonwoven Fabric Features: 1. Environmental protection, no halogen and harmful heavy metals (in line with ROHS mark and European and American halogen test standards) 2. Non-conductive (good insulation) 3. Weak acid and alkali resistanc...

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  • Medical SMS Nonwoven Fabric
    Medical SMS Nonwoven Fabric


    Medical SMS Nonwoven Fabric SMMS three anti - spinning nonwoven fabric is a high - end non - woven fabric after  medical non-woven fabric processing   Main performance: 1. Lightweight: polypropylene resin is the main raw material for produc...

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