Why are non-woven bags so popular?Is the market promising?


Why are non-woven bags so popular?Is the market promising?

When talking bags, plastic bags come first.More than 100 years ago, scientists in Austria invented the plastic bag.So far, the invention has brought a lot of convenience to human beings.However, today's environment tells us that the invention of plastic bags is unexpected, plastic bags have become an important source of pollution in modern society.As a result of the mass production and distribution of plastic bags, at the same time, many users of plastic bags do not pay attention to environmental protection, resulting in our living environment into a crisis.Environmental groups have since named him one of the worst inventors of all time.

With the deterioration of the environment, "plastic limit " issued and the publicity of public opinion, many enterprises provide consumers with non-woven environmental bags.In many ways, 

non woven bags have low production costs and high recycling value.For this reason, many enterprises are willing to provide non-woven bags to consumers.Many consumers said that since the launch of non woven bag , nonwoven t-shirt bag , pla non woven bag , never used to use non-woven bags to the occasional use of non-woven bags, to use today's non-woven bags every day, this is a qualitative leap.

According to the current non-woven bag market issued "plastic price limit order", played a key role.As for the non-woven bag manufacturers, the country advocates the concept of environmental protection, as well as the increasing awareness of consumers of environmental protection, I believe that in the future the non-woven bag market will only be more and more, then, the non-woven bag manufacturers will be more active to do a good job in each non-woven bag.

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